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This is my old ride...

You may see the same bike in a few of the images posted for locations around Ventura, CA where I live and that isn't a coincidence, it is my bike.  

I bought my Schwinn Ranger 2.6 at least a dozen years ago from Target for $85.00.  I have customized it some and put around 5000 miles on it (my current odometer has over 1600 miles showing) and it keeps going and going.

With the exception of the add-ons, the tires, and the seat, everything is original.  I replaced the seat after the first one wore out with another Schwinn seat and I still have the original knobby tires that came with the bike but  I recently switched to a set of awesome Schwalbe cruiser tires because my days of off-roading are behind me.  

Schwinn Ranger 2.6                                                                                    Schwalbe Tires